Make a mom nook ....

October 07, 2014

What I love most about fall and winter besides those first days of snowy weather, is that I can nestle in a little corner of my own even if it's only for 20 minutes, an hour if I'm lucky! This season I am working on creating a little corner or nook as some call it so I can have a bit of a mental break (not break down hee,hee) and just be before the  cleaning, organizing and chaos starts up again.

1. Get a bench, cot even a mat with some padding will work. Home Depot, Overstock has well priced benches.

2. Really any throw will do, whatever you find comfty and with some padding. Two Tone Long Faux Fur via Zara.

3. Fluffy pillows just seal the deal. Nate Berkus Zig Zag Faux Fur Pillow via Target.

4. Keep your coffee nice and hot so you can stay put. Blue Stripe Mug via Arro Home.

5. Write down some thoughts. Mon Cher Journal via Anthropologie.

6. Tuck yourself in. Southwest Throw Blanket via Urban Outfitters.


Top Photo Source: Sfgirlbybay

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