Easy DIY Robot

October 16, 2014



What you need:

  • Foil Tape (I only needed one roll but bought two. I found the tape at the dollar store as it was pretty expensive online.)
  • Sticker dots from the store
  • Gorilla Glue (this glue is super strong and kept everything together.)
  • Slinky ( I bought one online for just a few dollars).
  • Glow sticks ( we had some left over from a birthday party but they are easy to fond at toy stores and online).
  • Shiny pants ( I could only find online American Apparel).
  • Google photos /illustrations of scientific dials and print out. Here is an example.

My husband and I made this robot costume for the boy last year. I include my husband for when you are married to an artist they take over anything creative. Fun, fun. Many DIY costumes suggest silver funnels which can be purchased at hardware stores as well as silver paint. These are all great however my son needed to wear the costume at school and with funnels on his arms he wasn't going to move much. The spray-paint although a really cool effect was just a bit too chemical for us. Living in an apartment it's tough to spray something so potent. I asked two of my lifestyle editor friends for advice and both had made robot costumes for magazine shoots and gave me a simple DIY tutorial. My son loved his costume and it was easy to make. 

MB's how to's:

  • After making the base box, arms and hat which was all pretty easy. We just cut up the cardboard and holes for the arms were cut out. Small box hat for the head. The arms were just taped together cardboard.
  • All of this was taped together with duck taped then after my husband got all the boxed together I used the taped to make the costume silver.
  • You really can place any of the robot buttons and 'equipment' where ever you choose.
  • My husband took recycle board from our pasta boxes and made two small boxes, and placed the printed dials on these.
  • The slinky, which cannot be seen in the picture, was placed at the bottom of the box.
  • I waited until morning to glue the glow sticks on the costume, as I wanted them to be in full glowing form. I have to say the sticks really made the costume, LED lights were also suggested but in the end we went with the glow sticks.
  • For underneath he wore a long sleeve white tee and his silver leggings, which really brought the whole thing together. 


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