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October 21, 2014


I mentioned some months back while I was on a business trip my hubby decided to change up our apartment. He took what was my son's room and play area and made this into our new living room space and what was our living room (confused yet?) into a part kid's room/part office for moi. This is typical of New Yorkers, we often have to either move out for more space or re-work what we have. 

Since my son's room went from an ample amount of natural light, with a (non working) fireplace which up the ante on the room decor, to this tiny nook his room was frankly looking depressing. My son actually hasn't mind the space shift since he loves to be near me when I am working yet I wanted to give my son's nook (this is what I call it since it's not really a room) a mini face lift. This is where Land Of Nod comes in. My wish for the space was not for a total over haul. I wanted to be able to work with items we owed already yet wanted have a handful of new pieces that would feel fresh yet help my boy's room look like a kid's room. Not a toddler's room but that of a young boy. I didn't want one running theme but wanted the colors to work together, feel clean and have lasting value. The result is exactly what I wanted, I love the 5 items from LON , they really took the room to a clean yet stylish aesthetic that will not fade but can be built on.  

We moved this bench from the living room to against the chalk wall my son's uses to draw and practice homework. One of many 'toy' areas. The owl was purchased while I was pregnant with my boy from ABC Carpet and lived in his nursery, it is one of his favorite animals so it gets a primo spot. He collects sticks on a daily basis. This is an easy way for the toys to be stored and remain clutter free.


Old with the new. I took a new frame that someone put on the giveaway table at work and painted it with Martha Stewart glow in the dark paint. I added a watercolor painting my son painted of me, see my brown legs and purple hair?

My son loves how the frame glows when the lights are out. The circle print was another gift from the home editor who knew I was on the look out for prints for the room. I love the idea of doing this as a DIY. It will be part of the Kate Spade Saturday + West Elm Collection launching Spring 2015.

The Honeycomb bookshelf is a perfect way to display my son's favorite figurines and the shelf works well for such a compact space.

The neutral bedding is simple but not boring. The rich color of the duvet acts as a nice base and everything else just sort of pops around it. I wanted the room to graduate from character bedding and the gold polka a dots are fun with a bit of glitz. The pillows (pictured in top photo) feel boy and chic. The basket, poof and rug were taken from other rooms and re-worked into the new look.





  1. Equestrian Throw Pillow
  2. Honeycomb Wall Shelf
  3. Shield Throw Pillow
  4. My Grey Chambray Duvet Cover in Twin
  5. Gold Dot Sheet Set in Twin


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