Cravings Crawl: Rachel Drori via Well Rounded NY

October 23, 2014

The founder of Daily Harvest shows us some tops spots to satisfy your pregnancy taste buds in NYC.


Pregnancy can do a funny thing to a woman. We’ve seen veggie obsessives become omnivores, sugar addicts turn savory and meat lovers go cold turkey. All because of the tiny little human inside.

Recently we had the pleasure of accompanying Rachel Drori, the founder of the brand new organic ready-to-blend smoothie delivery service Daily Harvest (our new obsession), to indulge her personal cravings near her Manhattan home. As a seasoned New Yorker with some serious knowledge about health and food, we wanted to find out what she’s been eating during her first pregnancy. And let us tell you, as seasoned New Yorkers who just so happened to be food lovers ourselves, we were so very happy we followed her along on this this cravings crawl with our friends at Old Navy.

Check out her picks.


Greenwich Village
“When I want something nourishing and don’t have time to think about what’s in my food, I head to Hu Kitchen. I know whatever I choose will be unprocessed and free of pesticides and hormones. Their Mash Bar is perfect for a sweet craving while their prepared foods are perfect for a hearty and savory fix.”


Union Square
“Bread’s Bakery is a true guilty pleasure. Their rugula satisfies my chocolate addiction by being indulgent and rich as well as practically bite-sized, so just one does the trick. I also love their quinoa salad!”

“My first trimester was the era of chicken wings. They were all I wanted! Ootoya does them up perfectly as yakitori with a fresh grilled taste to satisfy the little carnivore growing inside. Plus, all their meat is free range which is a huge plus.”

 Love Rachel’s Look? She’s decked out in Old Navy from head to toe!

Here’s what she’s wearing:
Maternity Low-Panel Boyfriend Skinny Jeans, $39.94 / Holy Chic Maternity T-Shirt, $14.94 / Women’s Collarless Blazer, $49.94 / Women’s Sueded Faux-Leather Ankle Boots (similar style), $34.94 /Women’s Bucket Bag, $29.94 / Women’s Gauze Diamond-Pattern Scarf, $16.94 / Women’s Felt Cap, $14.94

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This post was brought to you by Old Navy.

Kaity Velez

Kaity Velez

Co-founder and editor of Well Rounded NY Kaity Velez is a former menswear editor who cannot believe she was ever scared of being a mom. Currently residing with her toddler and fiancé in her beloved Brooklyn, she is kept in a constant state of awe by her little guy. You can often track her down at her local pie shop working on anything pregnancy and new mom-related. And trying to not to eat pie. At least not too much of it.

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