Go softly mama...

October 27, 2014



Raise your hand if you're a tired /stressed out mom? Well I am or I suppose this is now my personality, great. Well as a believer that materialistic things although fleeting can cheer one up, at least they bring my mood up a bit, here are a few pieces I am currently loving. 

Soft hues with a touch of navy help me to feel not so serious, so crazy, as how can you wear a top titled Sparkle Pink and be the mumbling lady on the train? Dark hues are our city staple but this season try toning it down with a bit of fall's muted tones. I can't make it to yoga class however fuzzy clogs help me to feel a bit whimsical and light every time I throw them on.

1.Sparkle Side Slit Sweater via Jcrew

2. Skinny Jean with Patch via Zara

3. Clare V Supreme Sandrine Doctor Gab via Bird

4. 5" Sherling on High Heel in String Shade via No.6

5. Brushed Pullover In Stripe via Madewell

6. Wool Coat with Belt via Zara


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