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November 03, 2014


There is a joke amongst my friends at work, these are the friends I have actually made here in my neighborhood, and then discovered we work in the same building. Our joke is that we are so Brooklyn. I always say as I am going up my work escalator and I take a look at what other people are wearing , that I clearly look like I live in Brooklyn. It is hard to peg the style but I have gone into stores where I see this style emulated and it always makes me chuckle as our look here is just what it is. Not everyone looks the same but it definitely is unique. Maybe we all work off each other or it is just we dress the way we do for function. I love hats but I wear them because I like to hide my tired face and if I look like a cowgirl –that’s cool, I can live with this. I love capes and cozy coats but you don’t have to live here to enjoy these things. Here are a few looks I am currently loving from just a few of the stores here in Williamsburg. 

1. Biltmore® & madewell floppy felt fedora via Madewell

2. Seamed Military Pant via Jcrew

3. Lauren Manoogian taper highland wool coat via Bird

4. The clermont bag via Marlowgoods 

5. Mistplaid scarf via Madewell

6. Catbird Rose Thorn Necklace in yellow gold via Catbird


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