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November 10, 2014


1. My beauty colleague gave me this wallet size glow palette. I usually carrying a make up bag but have been forgoing it, as I rather not have the bulk in my bag. With this little kit I can add concealer to my tired eyes, add a touch of color to my cheeks and lips. I am a wee bit obsess with this thing right now. Sephora All A glow Contouring Face Palette

2. I'm not sure how washi tape ended up in my bag but I surprisingly use it- mostly for taping notes to my son's folders, snacks and labeling his things for afterschool.

3. I always appreciate having this in my bag especially since I would like to stop the heavy rotation of stain clothing in my closet. Tide stick.

4. Had my attention at Ebola. I usually carry sanitizer now I have one in every bag. After riding the same train and living in a city the first New York Ebola patient visited this may give me a false since of security but I'll take it.

5. I’m lucky if if can wash my hair every two days but I mostly go 3 days. When this day hits I need dry shampoo, this bottle from Drybar is lightweight and doesn’t leave any white streaks like some dry shampoos can.

6. I was sent this kit from Pinch Provisions during fashion week and when I had to quickly pack for a weekend trip I ended up using it constantly. Advil for a headache after a car ride, a sewing kit to fix buttons on my son’s sweater, tweezers for my messy eyebrows. I even forgot my hair ties and it had clear elastic bands. I think these kits are made for moms!  

7. Vitamin C. It doesn't seem to matter that I get the flu shot every season so these little packets help when I am starting to feel less then healthy. I can’t say they ward off sickness since I am nursing a head cold as I type this but I will say for the most part when I am tired and stress if I drink one every day and throw in some decent sleep I can usually avoid getting really sick. 

8. So I kind of lied, the Sephora palette (#1) isn't all I need. This lipstick (gets hidden a bit in the photo) hasn't left my bag since it was made for me at an event. Made in front of me as I picked the colors Bite then added fresh mint to the violet -pink I picked with a touch of mocha. I love that it isn't dry and the color stays on for hours. If ever you want to treat yourself or buy a cool gift for a friend this would be a fun thing to receive. 



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