A fresh solution- Good Eggs delivers fresh local food.

November 11, 2014

Here is the thing about when the weather starts getting cold, I wuss out on a lot of things (it’s so cold!). I still visit the local farmers market yet I also would love for fresh produce to arrive at my door while still supporting the farmers around me. I used one source for this last year and yes the produce was local but from California! The fed- ex box was a dead giveaway.

Now I know about Good Eggs a farmers market meets online grocer. Not only can you shop online for fresh, seasonal groceries. The goods are local and delivery is free. I went online to really give the site my mom- eagle eye and frankly I found myself wanting to work there, lol, this is how, much I liked Good Eggs. I recognized farms I have been shopping with for years which is important to me. I also found the prices to be fair and attainable.

A cool thing is anyone who orders on Good Eggs can donate fresh produce (the first pound is free!) to City Harvest for now through Thanksgiving.

You can check them out here; they have also have a Thanksgiving marketplace that includes free-range turkeys.


Post by Donna

Top Photo Source: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, October 2014.

Bottom Photo via Good Eggs



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