5 Tips to helping your kids deal with moving...

November 19, 2014

While some of us dread a move (seriously, all that packing!), or maybe love a move (time to purge!!), we are all grown up enough to handle it. Sure, it is super stressful, but, we know where are things are, where they are going, and we know that we can always come back to visit. A few friends are moving  - a move that will require a new area code, a new school, and a whole new 'hood.  Here are some tips for families who are gearing up, in the middle of, or considering a move.


1. TALK ABOUT IT - easier said than done, especially if some details are still undecided, but kids love stories and it is a great way to talk about things. Talk about how we will pack up our stuff, a big truck will come to take it away, and then almost like magic it will appear in our new home! Talk about your own feelings, how you are sad to leave the home where your family started, or excited to have more space, be closer to family, or have a yard (insert you own, true feelings here!)


2. BRING IT WITH YOU - If your child has a special item or two that would ruin their first night in your new home, it is a good idea to bring it with you vs. packing it for the moving truck.  Things could get misplaced, lost, or the truck could be delayed.  Bring anything of importance with you to avoid meltdowns later.


3. EMPOWER THEM - Let your child pick out the new wall color for their room, or help decide where the bed will go. Maybe it isn't your ideal color or room layout, but, as they go through this change, let them have control over something.  And, their room is a good place to start. If you are open to it, let them help in other rooms as well - helping to put things away in the kitchen, or, picking out a paint color in the bathroom.   


4. STAY CLOSE - Maybe your child is going from sharing your room, or a room right next door, to a room down the hall, or, even a room on another floor. This can be really scary for a child - be patient in the first few days or weeks and stick around a bit longer at bedtime until they are comfortable. 


5. ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR FEELINGS - It is easy to say, ok, we moved, this is great, let's go! But, realize your child may have left the only home they have ever known, or, a group of friends that they played with since they were in diapers. As exciting as the move may be for you - consider that your child may not be as excited by all the added square footage or additional bathrooms as you. Be patient. Talk about their feelings and let them know it is ok to be sad, but, your family is together and you will experience new memories and make new friends. Be positive about all the new exciting adventures ahead, while acknowledging their feelings at the same time. 
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