Gifts for ages 2-4

December 02, 2014



I use to work on kids gifts for magazines like Real Simple and Cookie and always found this age range challenging. By this age kids are starting to become a bit affluence by daycares and play dates and want what they want. My son at 4 started to want super hero toys yet he still loved playing with toys he loved at 2. It really is all about personality, which is why these picks are unisex, and although not heavy on the commercial aspect (except for the Minecraft figures which I have no idea what Minecraft is but hear about it constantly) these gifts feel special and lasting which as an editor and mom is what I strive for.   

1. Teepee by Natalie Lete via Smitten for the Wee Generation

2. Hobby Horse via Smitten for the Wee Generation

3. Minecraft Collectible Figures via

4. Playvisions Snowballs via Walmart

5. Yeti Nod Chair via Land of Nod

6. Kinectic Sand via Toys R Us

7. Bunzi 2 in 1 Balance Bike via Toys R Us 

8. Miedieval Castle Playhouse via Amazon

9. The house IN The Night via

10. B. Meowsic Keyboard via Target


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