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December 08, 2014


I was almost going to skip my 'wish' list this year, as it is just a wish where really I feel lucky for what I do have. However- all us moms deserve to have a bit of a whimsical, even materialistic wish or two (or more) as we spend most of our time taking care of others and making sure everyone else has what they want. So go ahead, write down that piece of jewelry or pricey coat- for we all deserve some lovely things. 

1. I have been wanting a wall hanging  for years, it is now becoming a bit Brooklyn trendy but hey, I live in Brooklyn and that’s that. I feel that a piece such as this is just the pop of color our living room needs. Via jujujust

2. I never regret (maybe a wee bit) buying/getting a thick cozy sweater especially one that is well made. I keep ‘em till they become threadbare and they are the perfect piece for a winter. Via Canadian Sweater Company

3. A few months back I bought some cute running shoes on a sale and I can’t stop wearing them. They are perfect for my commute to work and weekends so I think I need to step it up and get one that is a we bit nicer and neutral in color. Adidas by Stella McCartney via Zappos

4. I love good calendar every year and rifle paper calendars can be frame or used for gift-wrapping when the month or year has passed. Travel The World Wall Calendar Via Rifle paper Co.

5. I send notecards weekly, to my son’s teachers, to work contacts as thank you's. I like cards that feel special and local mom Dana Stratton of Studio Kapka designs these beauties by hand in her Brooklyn studio which makes these creations double special. Via Studio Kapka

6. My husband would appreciate this pick as I am starting to look a bit rugged come bedtime. I need some comfy pajamas to crawl into bed to that don't scream tired/faded mama! Via Jcrew

7. I’m looking to spruce up my office space this year and need some throw pillows for my chair (this old back needs support.) This pillow is perfect and fits my budget as I think every mom deserves to gift herself art least one gift. Via Nate Berkus for Target 


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