Our 5 tips to holiday (keeping your) sanity.

December 22, 2014

1. Leaving on a jet plane

Understand that when traveling especially to a different time zone you need to go easy on baby, and you. So your baby cries on the airplane. If you know your baby may be up and cranky during the flight, see if you can sit where there are other kids sitting. When my son was young we asked to so it at the back of the plane. Sucked for us but it was louder with people going back and forth to the bathroom, the stewards preparing drinks and snacks was just the right noise we needed to cover our little’s ones restlessness. 

2. And we’re all just entertainers

After flying to meet my husband in Hawaii with my at the time 16 month old son (12 hour flight) I learned a hard lesson. Forget the rules just aim to keep a bit of your sanity. I fed him packets of sugar because he wanted them; lay between my feet in business class (big mistake, couch more forgiving) it was minute-by-minute getting by. Not the wisest choices but I didn’t care. On a flight back from California my husband and I stopped at Target on the way to the airport and bought toys (inexpensive) that he was given one for every hour he was good. It worked. Again I didn’t care about the lessons as our and our fellow passengers peace of mind was the goal.

If your child is not as active as my boy, Erica suggests to bring a couple of favorites as well as a couple of surprises when on a long car trip of flying. Favorite book. New book. Favorite rattle. New rattle. You get the idea. 

- Tape!  Pieces of tape can keep little hands busy for quite some time.  Stickers are just as good. But tape is cheaper. ;) 

3. Let it go ( the schedule that is)

Yes you have worked hard to get baby on a schedule however try to be flexible. Give your little one a nap when he/she needs one, fed when hungry and so on. And don’t make excuses. If Aunt Sally gives you a look when your baby is cranky or screaming bloody murder, don’t stress. For your child is not the first child to hold a tantrum or scream as if you just removed a limb. Most likely your baby is just tired and needs a quite space away from all the overwhelming newness and noise.

4. No way, I worked hard for this schedule

Okay time to suck it up. If only traveling one time zone over - considering keeping times the same regardless of the clock. Sure a 5am wake up can be tougher than a 6am wake up - but ignore the clock and keep baby on schedule.  

5. Allow your self to have a breather

Most likely you are visiting a place where there are plenty of open arms of relatives and friends who cannot wait to hold or help you with your kids. Even if your kid looks at you like (you know the look) you just gave her away forever, walk away…walk away! Go drink a glass of wine, have an adult conversation –even if it’s for an hour, it’s free daycare with a person who will do their best to make both you and baby happy.

Post by Donna and Erica 

Photo: Hello Merch

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