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January 13, 2015

This year we are going to try to be a bit more crafty. I have mention many a time that I am not the best crafter so this is my way of forcing myself to be accountable for a DIY. My sister in- law Bee really encourages me on this one so my first project is to make a wall hanging! Eeek, I'm nervous! I have been wanting one for ages but frankly they are quite expensive. So my husband, tired of hearing me complain brought home one of his looms and now I have to figure out how to make this thing!

So join me in my wall weaving craft as I will be posting the results when I finish which may be a while as I have very little time however the beauty of this project is that you do it when you can.

A few of my supplies: Yarn (above) some I had and the rest are from Joann' s which I wish there were more stores in NYC however their website is pretty well stocked. I'm also a fan of The Purl Bee. A knitting needle, twine for the loom and a metal loom my husband uses for his at work but is lending to me.


Sites and posts I am reading/following for DIY inspiration/how to's:

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