Local Brooklyn chai.

January 22, 2015

If you know me, then you know I am obsess with a good cup of chai. I recently tried a new one and it is delicious. I tend to ask the barista many questions before I try a chai, I'll give it back if it's horrible. I was pleasantly surprised when a found out that this new chai they were serving is made in Brooklyn. Is there anything this crazy town doesn't make? When making at home (you can buy it concentrated at Whole Foods in Brooklyn) I top mine off with cinnamon but really you don't need to add anything(but milk) as the mix has just the right amount of ingredients. I wanted to know more about this tasty chai so I asked founder (and turns out lives in my same neighborhood!) Amy Rothstein a few questions.

MB: Tell us about Dona Chai and why you started it? 

Amy: I started Dona Chai for two reasons:
1. NYC is all about the local food movement. This is especially apparent in coffee shops, where everything is locally driven; milk, coffee beans, pastries, etc. all come from local companies. I was surprised that no one was offering a locally made chai concentrate. I then started creating my recipe. 

2. I wanted a chai that was fresh. No powdered mixes, and no shelf stabilized chai. I decided that Dona Chai would feature cold pressed ginger juice. 

MB: What are the benefits to drinking chai?
Amy: People say that the spices in chai have medicinal benefits. But I drink chai for the flavor and sweetness. 
Our ginger does set us apart from other chais. Dona Chai is made with cold pressed ginger juice, which means that the ginger remains raw, retaining it’s health benefits. 


MB: Where in the neighborhood can I find Dona Chai?
AmyVariety - all three locations - Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick
Campbell’s Cheese and Grocery - for bottles of chai to mix at home




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