Happy Weekend.

January 30, 2015

Snow musings:

We had a fun snow day with the kids playing at the park. The kids here get pretty creative, igloos (yes!) piles of snow balls and graffiti snow men.

The grocery stores here were pure madness-it was almost comical, almost. 

The ever resourceful Erica sled her kids home (above) from school as the snow started to come down. Lucky kids!

If this week of crazy weather reminded me anything about public transportation that is to check MTA before I get on the subway and head on a re-routed (because of the snow) or sit on a delayed train for 25 minutes. There are a lot of changes this weekend especially with the ever changing weather.

Need a safe escort to walk you from the train? Call Brooklyn Bike Patrol

To do:

Schoolfest is Sunday. We still have a few family passes for the event to give away, comment here or email us at motherburg@gmail.com


Best Sledding Hills In NY via Time out

Worth The Read:

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