4 lip balms that help those chap winter lips!

February 04, 2015



I have at least 4 lip products in my bag at all times...... sometimes more!  I use different products for different things - here is my go-to list:

1. When my lips are really chapped and cracked and hurting I just want relief.  We have all been there, especially in these colder months.  I love Lip Medex.  It cools, it tingles, and it feels so good!  The small tub fits in any purse, or coat pocket.

2. For my every day moisture I use Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm.  I love the smooth application.  And I love the smell.  I go through these a lot because my daughter is always taking them!

3. With the cold months taking their toll, sometimes I want a hint of color but still desire the smooth application of a lip balm.  Since I already love Burt's Bees, I thought I would give their tinted line a try.  And I am loving the color called Red Dahlia.  It is the perfect, subtle hint of color to my lips, with the smoothness of the lip balm.   

4. Finally, once I have been inside for a bit and my body has defrosted (ha-ha), a simple application of my favorite gloss always perks me up.  I love Chanel's Blizzard.  It is the perfect amount of color, gloss, and sparkle.  I wear it plain, or put it over a red lipstick for a darker look. 


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