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February 02, 2015





There are many bras out there and I could have easily shared about 50 however I decided to whittle it down to my top 7 favorites. Come summer I will do a larger bra story since I always find this a hard season for wearing bras. Meanwhile here are my favs!

1. This bra is great if you are looking to move out of your daily bra and just want something pretty. Good if you are a C cup or under and like to rock the side boob.  Stella Mcartney

2. This line is one of my favorite bra lines, although not a 'cheap' priced bra it is reasonably priced while being pretty chic and comfortable fitting. This particular style is made with stretched laced which enables the bra to contour. What this means is that it will lift and give your breast a soft round shape especially if you breats fed and your boobs took a hit during breast feeding.  Elle Macpherson

3. I recently did a bra story for work and had hundreds of bras in (about 400) and was introduced to this bra line Parfait. This line sizes up to 40 FF and offers full support. I tested 3 styles and loved everything about these bras. Your 'babies' stay in place but keeping them separate so no uniboob. Breast are supported by a strong base and soft straps . Parfait Celine Underwire Bra

4. One of the best wire-free bras I tested, Erica would like this bra. Sizes up to a 40 C and perfect if you hate wire bras and tend to want a smooth tee shirt look, as this bra is pretty much seamless. The straps are elastic meaning no adjusting. This is the perfect bra if you fine yourself wearing a sport bra as your day bra as it offers contouring which helps keeps your breast up. Simply Perfect by Warners Women Invisible Wire-Free Bra via Target

5. An Organic-nursing bra that won't break the bank and comes 2 to a pack. Perfect if you tend to sleep with your nursing bra on or just want a comfortable yet affordable nursing bra. H&M

6. One of the most popular nursing bras out there. Comfy, easy to us and extra hooks and eye ribbon to accommodate changing breast size. Boob Design Fast Food Bra via Caribou Baby

7. When I was nursing I had basic nursing bras which were functional but had zero frills and found myself wanting to feel 'pretty' so I bought a not cheap lace bra and I loved it. Totally worth it. Nougatne Nursing Bra is a great line out of the UK so you'll pay a few dollars more then the price listed yet this bra is still affordable. The 6 row hooks ensures it can last through out your entire nursing time. Amoralia


A cool chart about bras:

Chart from herroom.com

Top Photo from scoutmom.com


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