Winter cape (for the mama).

February 16, 2015


It has been pretty cold here in the East Coast (It is 6 degrees as I type this, eeek!) and you would think we would all be sporting our parkas however the cape is going strong, even in 20 degree weather! It is definitely a trend here in Brooklyn but even in the city (NY) 5th Avenue I have seen this popular style. It's understandable, the parka gets old very fast and dressing up a cape can be a science in itself- but once you have the art of layering it down you can be warm and stylish. 

How to get your cape on:

  • I am a sucker for capes, they can be in or out of style and I'll sport one. Growing up in California this was the perfect weight for our cold nights. Centre Striped Cape via Topshop
  • Any warm hat will do, this one is pricey, I buy mine-cheap -cheap but this is inspirational
  • Cross body bags are a great accessory for a cape especially when you want to lock in heat as it works as sort of a belt, tucking you in in the middle. APC Shoulder bag.
  • A denim, leather fitted jacket helps to block out the cold which is essential to building up warmth when wearing a cape. I've seen the cape over wool coats and beautiful thick sweaters. I've also worn thin fleece jackets which provides the ultimate warmth. Moto Denim Borg Western Jacket via Topshop
  • A thin sweater of wool or cashmere (or both!) is an old school thermal underwear way of layering your look as a starting point before all the other pieces get piled on. Heathered Merino Wool turtle neck via Jcrew


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