5 Amazing Cauliflower dishes worth making!

February 17, 2015


My son is a big pizza eater but this cauliflower crust is genius and low carb. Via Brunchtimebaker

Another staple in our home are tortillas but again high in carbs, this is worthy of a try. Via Paleoleap.com


Delicious, my favorite thus far...I served these as an entire meal and with the cold weather we have been having they had a comfort food element to them. Via Gastronomy

Another constant in my son's diet is quesadillas. My husband is always stealing these from his plate so sneaking these veggies in this favorite makes sense. Via Smitten Kitchen


This is a nice fry option when we frankly just want some fry food in our lives. Via The Clever Carrot


My husband is in a less red meat diet, actually less meat in general. You would think I could replace some of our meat meals with beans and pasta... nope... not a fan. There is also so much fish one can eat (unless it was lobster, I could eat a lobster roll every day). My new ingredient? Cauliflower. And not just as a side dish, I have been learning to make dishes were this veggie is the main ingredient. The best part is that the dishes are yummy and my son who actually will not eat cauliflower solo eats it up. So far our favorite is the cauliflower 'bread' dish, yummy. Next up this week is the cauliflower pizza. 


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