Happy Weekend.

February 21, 2015

Apologies if you live some where warm and are tired of hearing how cold it is here. However when you it is as cold as it is these days you find that the weather dictates your mood. I would say my state of mine is one of longing for at least a weekend of warm weather to just warm us up,  the constant cold and coughs going at my house is a bit comical. A bit. 

On the plus side there is a lot of creating, cooking and reading of books going on. So with cold weather like most weather you have the pro and cons of what it brings to family life. 

Some of that family time has created the wall weavings I mentioned I was starting, long story but my artist husband took over and did two hangings so it became more like DIY Daddy, they came out gorgeous. 

To Do:

MB's own Erica is teaching this fun class for the wee ones, if you live in or near our neighborhood, def check it out!

We're pinning away, yummy food recipes, DIYs, check us out!




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