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March 12, 2015


Years ago when my daughter was a wee one, I met another mom, Selena.  She has a daughter about 6 months older than mine, so we have stayed in touch over the years.  She was always a creative, go-getter mom - taking field trips every day, getting out there and exposing her kids to the world around them, joining groups to support other moms.  Recently Selena, and another local mom, Amy, took their love of building that parent community to a new level and started a new co-working and childcare business here in North Brooklyn.   
The WorkAround is an expanding community of freelancers, stay-at-home parents, artists, activists, dreamers, makers and everything in between with one thing in common: we are all parents and we all need a little time to get some work done.  That can be difficult here in NYC when childcare is so expensive (minimum hours per week, perks like metrocards, etc. adds up fast!), or, space at home is so limited (trying to work while keeping an eye on your little one is a challenge - you can't exactly go into a home office and leave your baby in their room unsupervised!).  How can you work AND be with your child? 



The WorkAround has come up with a great solution - they have set up work/play sessions in venues throughout Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick.  Each session has a dedicated workspace with WiFi, while the little ones get to have fun playing with awesome babysitters in a close, yet separate, location.  
The WorkAround has sessions at various locations to meet the needs of several neighborhoods.  Parents get coffee, tea, wifi, and a workspace.  Children (age 6 weeks-6 years) get fruits, veggies, fun toys, and awesome caregivers.  Each session is limited to 8 children to maintain their 4:1 ratio.  There is no commitment - have a project due this week?  You can attend every session.  No projects due?  Take some time off and enjoy your little one.  You simply pick and choose the days and times that you need.  Interested?  Check it out!  Your first session is free!
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