Easy hair bun with a twist...

March 09, 2015

Maybe it's the combination of turning the clocks spring forward yesterday and the 40 degree weather but dare we say we are ready for some to walk outside with out a knit cap on. Although warmer temps do inspire us cold East Coasters I have become obsess with all the cool braids that were part of New York Fashion Week about two weeks back. Braids are going to be everywhere and there are some cool designs to look forward to. However both Erica and I are not the strongest braiders yet with her having a little girl who is a bit of a fashionista and me wanting to braid my own hair we decided to try a simple braid twist. The braid had to be something we can do and be done within 5 minutes yet be realistic -which we love our hair in buns as we are busy moms and it's easy to throw hair up in a bun. Right?!

Well we did it. A loose ( I say loose as I am still learning the art of the fishtail) fishtail braid that was then twisted into a bun (super easy) and held together by two medium size bobby pins. 

Brush out any knots. If hair is clean add a texture spray to 'dirty' it up a bit.

Tie in a mid to low ponytail. Braid. My braid (I was the braider -Erica my model) was half fish tail -half whatever but it looked fine once twisted. I left a lot of hair in the tail area as I wanted the bun to be a mix of smooth and braided hair. 

Start to twist into a bun, holding it together with one hand. Center the bobby pins to hold the end of the hair and the mid part of the twist. Spray the twist bun with a bot of hairspray to keep a nice hold on it . Voilà your done!


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