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April 22, 2015

I am really trying to wake up a bit early and have a healthy breakfast before I become so rush I end up picking up a muffin or eat what I serve my son and husband (bacon, sausages). I have been a fan of acai even since I discovered it about 8 years ago at this popular cafe Fabianes off of Bedford in Williamsburg. It was quite the rarity and I could never find these bowls elsewhere. Now acai is pretty popular and there are some yummy bowls available at my nearby juicery yet they run around $9-11a bowl. Even at home Acai can be spendy as the frozen packets run from $5-$7. However, I figure each bowl I make at home runs is about $3 and with all the nutrients it provides- it’s worth it.

How do I make my Acai bowl?

  • I use Acai frozen puree either from Sambazon or Amafruits. I ted to find the Sambzon at Wholefoods and my local health store. The Amafruits is a new brand for me as I asked my local grocery store if they could start carrying acai (I wasn’t the only one) and he found this brand.
  • I thaw (I prefer it to not get too soft). Thawing is easy; I either leave it out for about 15 minutes or run it under hot water for about a minute.
  • I blend it with an about half a cup of coconut or almond milk and as a dash or two of agave.
  • After its blended I pour into a large bowl where I add whatever fruits I am into. I always add chia seeds, maybe hemp seeds (they have an interesting taste so I have to be in the mood) and walnuts or almonds.
  • You can also add bee pollen, granola, pineapple-really whatever you like.

For my son I sneak acai into his smoothies as the bowls aren't his thing. For me it is about swamping out that more salty breakfast for something full of nutrients and vitamins.


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