Shake it off

March 25, 2015

I recently was talking to a dear friend I hadn’t seen in some time, we are both mothers but our friendship precedes our children. She is truly a gem of a person, while we were both mid sentence two moms just popped right into the conversation-took it over and proceeded to ignore me. Not an excuse us. We love her too…no hello my name is X and X, nada just chit chatty away until I walked away for what was the point? They weren’t leaving .

That scene has made me think how certain social situations as mothers can feel so much like high school. Luckily, I had a pretty strong sense of my self in high school, and even now as an adult I can quickly recover from a snub but I do admit it can sting a bit especially if I am tired and a bit sensitive.  But for every jerky mom (sorry new mamas they do exist) situation I run into there are at least a handful of moms I’ve met that I connect with, maybe it has been a mother to mother smile at the park, or a nod to a when our kids have been in the midst of a tantrum. I’m grateful for these ladies for they help me to see the comedy when I do run into an awkward moment with a fellow mother and like my side pony- tail, frosted lips 16 year old self -I just shake off that negativity and make my way to my friends.


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