March 30, 2015

So I now have bangs. I've honestly always wanted them but anytime I attempted to have them they never came out well. Bang disaster. Finally I was given a haircut during fashion week and rockstar hair stylist Dylan Chavles from Benjamin Salon just 'got' me. I have never had this many compliments on a haircut (just what a tired mom needed AND they didn't ask me to post on this haircut so truth talking here).

I have to say I have enjoyed the lift the bangs have given me during the harsh winter we've had (honestly not sure it's over) but let me put it out there...bangs are a commitment. The photo above are my bangs after 4 days of a recent bang trim. Already long-ish. Also the thing with bangs is I'm not sure if I could have sported them when my son was younger as they have to be blown dried in the morning or else they look funny.  Bangs and maybe it is my bangs have to be trimmed weekly! If not they poke into my eye and then they become more of a side swept look, which is what they are kind of at right now. With all this being said, I love my bangs ...up keep and all. The goal is to try to get through summer with them and then I may be done with them unless this super star of a hair dresser comes back to New York (eventually in a year or so they are opening here) or I go to LA which is something I'm yearning for...sun, friends , family and a hair trim. 


Want bangs or have them and need a bang DIY? My co-worker taught me how to cut mine but this DIY from NY Mag is a great tutorial.



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