My daughter lost her first tooth...finally.

April 03, 2015

Recently my daughter lost her first tooth.  At her dental check up back in December the dentist showed me the x-rays and you could already see the adult tooth pushing its' way up.  'It won't be long!' he said.  Life carried on and a couple of weeks ago two teeth became loose.  One more so than the other.  I flashed back to my younger days of eating fruit roll ups to help my loose teeth fall out.  Do they even sell those any more?!  We patiently waited.  My daughter ate apples.  And I even let her eat a few packs of a chewy Polish candy that she loves.  Nothing. 


Then finally.  I picked her up from school and the tooth was barely hanging on.  'Pull it out!' I suggested.... 'you pull it out!' she replied.  We both passed at the opportunity and I gave her a granola bar while I took the dog outside.  Minutes later she came running out, 'it fell out, it fell out!'  No blood.  No tears.  Pure joy. 


I dug out the special 'first tooth' treasure box that my MIL got me at my baby shower.  My daughter carefully placed the tooth inside.  She proceeded to carry it around. 


Then it happened.  And by 'it' I mean she lost the tooth.  And by lost' I mean misplaced.  Oye.  She started crying, I started searching.  My husband declared it a lost cause and went to watch basketball.  My son knelt down, rubbed her back, and said 'you will loose another tooth soon, I promise.  You can give that one to the tooth fairy'.  The three of us searched, and just as I gave up, she found it!  She placed it back in the treasure box and placed it under her pillow to wait for the tooth fairy. Phew.  The lost tooth was found, and the fairy tradition can continue.
Post by Erica Young
Illustration: Free printable receipt via A Little Delight





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