Have You Seen My Monster? A joyful read for the young reader...

April 08, 2015

Have You Seen My Monster (recommended reading ages 2-5) by Steve Light is the follow up book from Have You Seen My Dragon and is our current favorite book at Casa Ladd. I received this book from an editor at work and planned for it to be part of the boy's Easter basket loot however my own little monster found it from its secret hiding place. It has been instant love with this book.

First C started to read and ask us for help on some of the words as this is a great book for the learning to read stage and now it is our bedtime reading book. What I love most about this book are the cool geometric shapes it teaches on every page. I honestly have forgotten some of these shapes and my son has never heard of them for his kindergarten class does not teach them-not part of the selected shapes of the common core (another story). The best part is the purple hue monster that leads the reader on a fun adventure from a carousel to a roller coaster and even through a parade all the while learning to read and discover new shapes.


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