Review: Fire HD Kids Edition

April 16, 2015


Here it is straight. I got a hold of the Amazon peeps and ask them if I could review the Fire HD 6 Kids Edition. I had read that it was child proof. Hmmm, really? Since my son was about 16 months old we have let him use a tablet. He was speech delayed and the teacher recommended educational apps, which turned out to be instrumental in helping my son learn to talk.

But then came the movies, videos of his favorite shows and entrusting a tablet to a toddler means they may not last. I’ve counted how many tablets have fritz out a long the way…. 4. Just gone, dropped one too many times, treated like a rag doll …whatever the reason no respect was given to these babies. So in comes the Fire HD 6 Kids Edition. Verdict? Love it.

A few deets:

  • A no question asked 2-year worry free guarantee.
  • 1 year of Amazon Free Time Unlimited
  • Kid proof case (added bonus –looks cool)
  • After I created my son’s profile I set up how long he can use the Kindle every day. I can set goals on how much reading, videos, game apps he is allowed to play/watch a day… meaning he can only play each section for as long is allowed.
  • With our last tablet (not a Kindle) my son started to play games that he was able to find on his own, these games were too advance for him and constantly needed to be upgraded (meaning more money). He also would get upset with the speed of these games and frankly I didn’t want him playing them. The content chosen from the Amazon Free Time is matched to his age and is  appropriate. 
  • The only thing I would like to be able to figure out is how to get the pop ups during the games to not 'pop' up. These entail more ‘coins’ or money but at least with the age appropriate games he plays he is understanding that he can earn these points/coins (we won't buy them) to advance in these games rather then beg me to buy him more points. 
  • Lastly, since this tablet is deemed for him, he is taking great care of it. He also is managing his own time on it which is nice. He will stop himself from playing a game and go to a learning app without the device or one of us nudging him. 

I'm mom recommending this tablet!

Fire HD Kids Edition, $149.


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