Mom Truth: kindness goes a long way with our kids....

May 01, 2015



Turn on the news and there is story after story of bad stuff happening in the world.  I can't help but think - where will we be in 15-20 years, and how will my children be a part of whatever is happening? 

As many parents often do, I like to think about what qualities my children have developed.  Are they nice to others?  Are they respectful with adults?  Where do they fall into this social game we call life.

Recently my daughter and I were walking and she saw a 'friend' up ahead from us.  I quoted that word because after this encounter I am not really sure that they are friends.  That is ok.  I know the whole world can't be friends, but can't we at least be polite?  So, as I said, we were walking down the street and she was holding a bag full of stationary goodies and wanted to show them to this 'friend'..  So she called the name of her 'friend' and started running towards her.  The 'friend' glanced back, saw my daughter and started to run.  Towards her you are probably thinking... but no, sadly, she was running away from her.  My sweet girl continued to call her name and run.  The 'friend' was walking with an older sibling and the siblings friend.  They all looked at my girl, the older ones laughed and the 'friend' continued to run. 

My heart sank.  I watched as my daughter finally caught up (only because the group had to stop to cross the street) and continued to be ignored.  The group then crossed the street while my daughter waited for me.  Luckily my daughter chalked it up to them having to rush home, but I felt a sting. Really?  If someone calls my child's name, we stop, turn, and acknowledge that person.  Do they have to then become best friends?  No.  But, I am teaching my children to be polite to other people, and acknowledge that someone is trying to speak to them.  No one deserves to be ignored. We need to learn how to listen to each other and, even if not the best of friends, learn to work together and co-exist. As good old Benjamin Franklin once said Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

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