Mothers Day Gift guide for the Brooklyn mom (and beyond).

May 04, 2015



Um so I didn't realize Mother's Day is around the corner otherwise I would have posted this sooner. It's a good thing we live in a stylish town as all of these items can be purchased in Williamsburg /Greenpoint . And if you don't live in Brooklyn (and by you I mean your partner who needs to be reading this post!), most if not all, can be ordered online. Some like Jcrew and In God We Trust have to be ordered by May 5th online or in store for delivery. Also, don't forget the needs of mothers to be or new mamas. Carriage House Birth can be emailed and craft a giftcard to your love ones needs be it a doula, lactation support, body work etc. Wild was Mama has a huge offering of products and classes to support mom.

  1. P.F Candle Co. via Madewell
  2. Mast Chocolate Bar 
  3. Mimi Holliday by Damaris soft cp bra via Net-a-porter
  4. Mimi Holliday by Damaris via Net-a-porter
  5. A.P.C Crepe Dress via Net-a-porter
  6. Rachel Comey Malick Slides via Bird 
  7. WWAKE Three Step Triangle Ring via Catbird
  8. ILIA limited edition lip sticks via Bird
  9. Sweet nothings mom necklace (silver, must be ordered by May 5th for monogramming) via IGWT (order by May 5th if monogramming).
  10. L.Rodin Luxury Hair Oil via Catbird
  11. ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT Texas knitted poncho via Net -a-porter
  12. Lomo Instant Sanremo Camera via Madewell
  13. **** Help all mamas when you purchase this bracelet. AID NEPAL: SCOSHA X CIRCLE OF HEALTH BRACELET IN BRASS & RED $100.00. "Helping mamas and babies in hard places", Circle of Health International Priced at $100.00, this purchase is as a full, charitable donation; $25 for the bracelet + $75 to provide a safe delivery kit and sending newborn supplies to those that need it during this crisis in Nepal.  Add a hot pink Signature 2 in Brass and charms to make the perfect gift.
  14. Clove Cigarette No.8 via Rose Red and Lavender * also have beautiful fresh flowers.
  15. Electric Feathers Chevron Navy Leather Note via OROBORO
  16. Indego Africa navy hanging planter via Jcrew   

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