Happy Weekend.

May 22, 2015


We are staying 'home ' this weekend and honestly I love being home during a holiday weekend. Erica just cleared up her backyard and is ready to enjoy her hard work. My husband has a studio in this fun part of Williamsburg and it's perfect to invite friends and kids for a barbeque. It also tends to be a bit quiet especially in the morning hours in some nooks of the neighborhood which is perfect for us parents- get a seat at a popular restaurant...hit Smorgasburg before it gets jam packed. And if it rains we can hit the Williamsburg Cinemas. We are really lucky there is so much for us to enjoy literally in our own back yard. 

Here are just a few things you can do:

Go shopping! Brooklyn Flea is just one of many places to support our little hoods merchants. More suggestions here. 

Eat Ice Cream I love Odd Fellows creative concoctions and Van Lueewen’s has moved even closer to my apartment which is good for my son, bad for me (waistline expansion).

Park It:  Our parks rock and we must visit about 5 in one weekend alone.

Brooklyn Beach: Coney Island is going to be a madhouse but if you are looking for a beach that you can take the subway to this is a good one.

Get on a boat: Although the L train is back to weekends The East River Ferry is such a fun way to get to the city, Brooklyn Bridge and Governors Island.

Skate it out: Admission is just $5 and will be open Memorial Day. Admission is free from 3:30pm – 6:30pm.

Drink: By ditching the kids I mean get a babysitter, not promoting free range parenting if that’s your thing…but after acquiring childcare visit The Blue Room at The Ides Rooftop for a yummy cocktail with a view.

Say yes to those friends with the scenic rooftops who invite you to a barbeque, weather permitting it will give you a nice view of Brooklyn.

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Photo: Zizzo Family

M.Sheen (Top of last photo)

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