Peapod with Cat Greenleaf visits Motherburg!

May 29, 2015

Erica, our friend Janene and myself had the pleasure of having Cat Greenleaf  (an amazing, smart and beautiful lady) a busy mom of two and host of Talk Stoop come to my apartment for some snacks (and a little drink-y for me ). As I told Erica I probably should have brushed my hair but we were that comfortable sitting with Cat and learning how great Peapod is for us moms especially us Brooklyn moms as they now deliver in our area since it has expanded to NYC’s five boroughs! It's pretty easy- you just download the free app or go on your computer to order and with an average 20 minutes to fill up a cart this is some precious time we can save ...important for busy moms.


$28.07. That's how much I spent on my last trip to the store. Great
deal?!  Oh. I forgot to mention that wasn't my total. That's the total
of the stuff my kids got. A combination of crap that they saw (at
their perfect eye level) and crap I agreed to buy just to get me to
the check out. Oh. And did I mention I forgot 2 of the 5 items I
popped into the store to get?!  Ugh.

Grocery shopping in NYC is tough. On one hand we have an amazing
selection of local goods - but that often requires several stops to
different stores (and we all know how much fun that is when the kids
tag along.).  On the other hand we are dealing with narrow aisles and
bad lighting and four tomatoes to pick from.

Enter Peapod.  The new home delivery service from Stop & Shop.  This
is great because it connects NYC (all 5 boroughs!) with the feel of a
suburban supermarket.  You simply log on, go shopping, check out, and
select a delivery time.  No kids being dragged around the store, no
bags breaking on your walk home, no drama.  It is simple and easy and
will guarantee your fridge is full of great stuff to eat.  And while
Peapod can not cook dinner for you in your kitchen, they do offer some
great prepared meals.  Great for busy families like mine.

So log in and check it out.  Save yourself the time and effort that it
takes to go to the store.  And in my case, I will save tons of money
because my kids won't even know I have gone grocery shopping!

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 post by Erica and Donna

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