Respect to the stay at home mother.

June 05, 2015


Yesterday my son didn't have school. We did sleep in to a luxurious 7:30 a.m. but once we were up and hit... the wants, whining and so on. Thursday's are my work from home days. I will either catch up on my day job, work on Motherburg, volunteer at the school. After morning drop off..whatever this day throws me …Thursdays are mine at least until the after -school pick up. Also with half days, teacher days on the calendar for June, these last few weeks of school are turning into a busy month my vacation days and comp days will be spent being at home when my son is off.

Back to yesterday….by 10:30 a.m. my stomach was grumbling from not eating or drinking, forget brushing my hair and teeth ...I was busy serving this kid's every whim.... wiping messes everywhere and I have only one kid. Which is why on days like this I think of my friends who stay at home with their children and how they are my super heros. Yes, I work a lot. I juggle this and that so I am not lessoning the working mom but I do admit I romanticize the SAHM life. I daydream about all the free time I would have if I were to say win the lottery… inherit some secret fortune from a distant relative…all day dreams. But I do think about being home more. Then I am actually home and remember it is not all wine and roses lady, it is still work and a lot at that. Which is why on days like yesterday, I'm reminded how all moms need to know/hear this especially stay at home moms (who seem to rarely hear it), how much they are respected. A hellva lot from this one.


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