June Beauty...what I am loving.

June 15, 2015

I recently had a few moments in my head where I thought to myself..do I give up? Why bother looking good for while I am really quite frankly exhausted? I often wondered if I wasn't in a business where how you carry yourself is part of the job I may have let myself go. But I haven't reached that point for then I open myself up to some new products and I start to feel a bit better about the exterior. I'm fine with the interior, rest assure, I can look unkept and still have a great day... I just do believe that if a little beauty products make you feel better then why not?! So this month I have been trying some newbies and these are my favorites thus far. Kind of into the brown goddess look but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't share a pink item with you mamas.

1. First, loving this line R+CO..I confess I tried this line for the creative packaging (look at how cool it is!) then I realize wow these products are really good. This Foil line my girlfriend gave me to try helps with a major problem I have in the summer as a thick hair Latin, frizz and static. I can't say it totally eliminates them as it is pretty impossible with my hair but it gets the flyaways under control enough that on a low humidity day I can wear my hair down. 

2. As mentioned I am really into browns and have found myself gravitating toward these sort of sepia colors and a bit of pink /beige Chanel to balance. Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Beige Pur

3. My co-worker Melissa gave me this to try after whining to her that I wanted to give some lightness to my hair without completely changing the color. I used this for a few weeks and it gave off a pretty bronze hue to my hair and lasted a few washes. It’s been a nice way to officially make my way out of the dark hair I had been sporting for winter. Color Rebel Naturals in Hazel & Confused

4. I have never been a huge foundation user as most are thick and feel pretty dry, which who wants dry make up all day? This Bareskin Brightening foundation is lightweight and goes on easily and smooth. My skin looks nice a n ‘awake’. I definitely recommend this product if you are looking to even out your skin and look au natural. Comes in an array of colors. Bare Minerals Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

 5. A blush that can be worn dry or wet this blush comes off with a shimmering glow. If worn wet it comes off a bit more matte, which is why I prefer the more glowing effect. Nars Dual Intensity Blush in Adoration

6. A natural beauty line known amongst beauty insiders. When I first started the product during winter it caused redness on my chin. I started up again a month ago with only one pump of the serum rather then two and the results have been of a more even tone and brightening to my skin. Not cheap, this is a product you use when you are looking for a line that will repair or rejuvenate your skin and your ready to invest. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Skin Serum


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