Dinosaur Birthday Party Inspiration!

June 17, 2015

Yup, this is happening parents, already the requests for dinosaur theme parties are coming in from my boy. My prediction? Jurassic World may give the Frozen birthday parties a run for their money. Here are 5 cool ideas for a fun party with these extinct stars.

 (Above Photo Credit) Spray gold paint on some dollar store dinosaurs , use an edible gold spray if little mouth mauling the reptiles makes you nervous. Make or buy a stylish banner. 

Give a Dinosaur friendly (not too scary) party perfect for a toddler via Bringing the Happy (has a template for the mini party hats)

Take a simple cake and top it with a similar (to photo) dinos and cut up your own cake topper. Tip: use a straw as a base for your topper. Photo Credit

Buy some of those dollar dinos and spell out the age of your explorers birthday. Via Prehistoric Party

Skip the cake with these are adorable and easy to make (so says Parents /Family Fun but I believe them)! 

Cupcake Photograph by Lucy Schaeffer


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