MB summer ready! 7 pops of color for the city kid.

June 22, 2015







I, like most parents, like to keep a visual track of my child and his belongings. I have written in the past that I use color to keep him in my POV. Not all kids are as 'active' of mine, some actually listen to their parents but mine goes from zero to 60 while I am just turning my head.  This week most schools will be out for the summer and it is about to get even more crowded in the parks, museums and the places many of us will visit. Whether your child will be in camp wearing a mandatory tee or running around the and like to add little pop of hue ( like me) in order to hold a visual of your kid in the the sea of people that can accumulate, here are a few ways to do this..

1. This poppy hue is perfect on a backpack or a piece of clothing. Bando mini pom pom via Darling Clementine 

2. Tie a colorful scarf or fabric on a scooter. Polka dot printed scarf via Zara

3. Love these add ons for the sneakers and perfect for my kid who is as fast as lighting at the park. Shwings wings via Amazon
4. Switch out that dark bag for something bright and easy to find. Herschel south beach backpack via Sweet William


5. If your kid is not into a traditional backpack this is still colorful and lightweight. Patched Backpack via Zara 


6. We lost 3 blankets last year at camp, this summer i am going for bright in hopes it will stand out a bit from the lighter blankies. Neon cotton blanket via Zara


7. These are perfect for the city pool where it gets a bit - cra-zy crowded and I like adding this in addition to my son's camp tee.  Silicone wristbands via Amazon 


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