5 apps for mom (or dad) to have this summer with the kids!

June 24, 2015


Hard to believe but it is that time to either spend your summer running around with the kids everyday or tooling around on the precious weekends with family activities. I need my apps more then ever, I only have so much time -so I need to look and figure it all out sometimes in less then an hour or on the go.

Here are 5 apps worth trying this summer!

1. Red Rover One of my favorite apps that is well curated and chalk full of activities especially for a NYC city mom. Use this app to plan a weekend activity or daily excursions with your little ones.

2. Oh Ranger! NY States Parks Our parks have so much to offer. Just add or search parks to find the one you like to visit and much like the website you can filter it by activity. 

3. Roadify Transit From the subway to the ferry (including East River) this app will route your destination, give you updates on arrival which on those hot summer days while juggling energetic kids we moms want fast and of the moment information at our finger tips. 

4. Exit Strategy NYC To this day I never quite know where to stand and wait for the right car of a train to make a fast exit once I hit my destination. The Maps section is an added plus.

5. Sit or Squat This isn’t a new-ish app however if you're a mom who is entering the potty training stage or intends to spend hours out and about this summer then this is free app is worth downloading. Trust me when in unfamiliar territory and a bathroom needs to be found-pronto you'll be grateful for sit or squat. 


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