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July 01, 2015


Summer Read We have been slowly improving our living space. My husband just built these farm style doors and refurbished our kitchen table, having these adjustments at home outs me in better mood. I just started reading Design Mom How To Live With Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide. So many home books overwhelm me but this book is spot on how to make your living space work for you and your family. From Kitchen Cleanup to an easy DIY of of fabric -covered bulletin boards this book is one of my summer reads. 

Sunnies I usually wear a dark sunglass but have been really into light sunglasses, feel like they lighten up my wardrobe a bit. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bicolor Translucent sunglasses

My mom on the go shoe I have been searching for the style of huaraches my mother use to buy me when she went on her Mexico trips however I can’t seem to find them and when I do they cost about 50 times more then they should. I found these espadrille/huarache hybrids from Zara when working on a post for MB and decided to give them a try. I love them so much that I just throw them in my bag so I can wear them when my work shoes start to hurt. They are the perfect running around the city with my boy shoes.

Jot things down I always carry journals to jot new finds or ideas while I am on the go. These Raven and Lily's handmade books are lightweight and do not take up too much space in my already full bag. 

White out So into white nails for the summer. I am not a big matte white girl so this white but with a wee bit of shimmer is just the right hue for me. Revlon in Ethereal

Summer postcards Obsess with all things from Hartland Brooklyn. I especially love their tattoos and plan to buy some soon for the summer. Camp Postcard set

Beauty I like having a balm in my bag for any redness or sunburns that pop up on me or my son at the pool or the park. This Badger Beauty Balm is so smooth and really keeps my skin soft, I have been using it a lot on my hands since I am always using hand sanitizer. 


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