Happy Weekend.

July 10, 2015

Summer is flying bye. So many of my friends go on big vacations during this time of the year however this is my busiest time of the year with work (ironically it's coats, sweaters and mittens for moi at work) which means we really soak up our city. So much to do in our wee neck of the woods so hello weekend, so happy you're here.

Tonight 7pm.

Summer Starz Movie at Transmitter Park, Night At The Museum 3



Location: Floor Three, Laurie M. Tisch Education Center, Hearst Artspace / Fifth Floor Outdoor Gallery (weather permitting)

Get creative in the Whitney’s new Hearst Artspace! Families are invited to make their own artworks inspired by works on view in the exhibition America Is Hard to See. Each week we will offer a different art making project.

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