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July 15, 2015



Ever heard of Funoogles?  Neither had I.  Funoogles are a fun new idea that lets you customize and change up your glasses as often as you like through the use of colorful clip on pieces.  As my five-year-old daughter just recently joined the ranks of those who wear glasses, I was thrilled to not only learn about the concept but also give them a try.

We made our color selections on line and soon had our Funoogles in hand.  The glasses themselves are a clear plastic.  My rainbow obsessed five-year-old was less than thrilled with this plain version, but she really lit up when we started snapping on the pink brow piece and turquoise temple pieces. She chose to wear them to her very important Kindergarten graduation and received many complements.  

It all comes in a slightly larger-than-average case that holds the current configuration of your Funoogles on one side and the extra pieces in a bag behind elastic on the other.  This case is well thought out and makes me almost as excited as the glasses themselves.

I was a little concerned about the size when ordering as there are only "small" and "medium" options, but we went with the small and it seems to fit her just fine.  There's also only one style of frame which limits the decision making to just the colors you want to customize your glasses with - that could be either a pro or a con depending on your perspective. They do offer sunglasses if you're not in the market for prescription glasses, but it would be great to have some sort of sunglasses clip on option for the prescription glasses as well.

After dropping $200 on her first pair of glasses, I thought that $99 for the Funoogles starter pack was pretty economical and offers a bit of fun as well.  

Questions that may come up once you find your child needs to wear glasses. 


My child complains about wearing the same ones every day. 
Funoogles is your answer!  You can swap out frame colors and temple pieces and switch up your look every day.
They're so expensive.
Funoogles is a pretty good deal at $99 for the prescription glasses and the different color clips.
I hate making decisions - how do I choose the right frames?
Funoogles has exactly one frame so you only have to choose the colors of the different clips.  Fun right?
How will I keep track of so many pieces?
It comes with a thoughtfully designed case that holds the glasses on one side and the pieces in a bag behind elastic on the other.
Hard work is my kryptonite - how hard is it to change the clips?
It's easy!  The temple pieces have a button to push and they slide right off.  The clips for the frames pop into place pretty easily.
Overall, we are thrilled with Funoogles.


Kim Earl is the mother of two mostly amazing kids. She's also a wife, below-average cook and works full-time on the side.






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