Easy Nachos for the family.

July 22, 2015


Now that the heat isn't at 90 ish degrees I can cook up a meal that requires the oven. We'd like to eat nachos every week however they are not a fat free dish, which means I usually save them on a night where I have only a limited time to get dinner on the table and we are itching for some Mexican food. Nachos are also a guarantee that they will be eaten by the entire family and the best part they can be done in less then 30 minutes.

After warming up the tortillas I cut them into 4's

Tortillas can either be lightly fried, then placed on a paper towel so the oil is soaked up. These 'chips' look pretty toasty but I only fried them for about two minutes. You can use store bought chips if you aren't a picky Latin like moi. 


I then lightly layer the chips. Place chips in on a flat baking pan, sprinkle cheese (I used a mexican cheese blend from the store to save time) and beans, I used organic refried.

You basically layer the chips depending on how deep you want the nachos to me and how much. I did about 3 layers.

Toast in oven for at least 10 to 20 minutes depending on your oven. I toasted mine for about 10, basically until golden and cheese is melted but not hard. Top with sprigs of cilantro, radishes, guacamole or sliced avocado and your nachos are ready to be served!


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