Musings of a pregnant mother...blessings of baby #3.

July 24, 2015

When my family grew from 3 to 4 it was pretty easy. Mostly because my daughter was a babe herself. I became pregnant with my son when she was only 13 months old. He arrived when she was a few days shy of 22 months. She doesn't remember life without him. ❤️

We are the excited, quick to tell everyone, kind of couple. So early on we would talk about the baby in mommy's belly. I've posted my tips about having two under two here (link).  But it felt like an easy adjustment.

But this time around I was dealing with two little people.  We waited until I was 16 weeks to tell people. Luckily this has been an amazing pregnancy and so life was pretty regular. I made appointments when they were at school, I wasn't gaining weight too quickly. It was easy to hide.

One night during dinner we told them. My husband said 'guess what, mommy has a baby in her belly.'  Very simple. Very matter of fact. A moment of shock. Then a simple statement from my daughter 'seriously?  This better not be a lie because I'm going to tell people.'  My son got all excited and gave my belly a kiss.  The rest of the night they said sweet things (I want to give my old car seat to the baby.... Will it be a boy or a girl?.... Can I hold the baby when it comes out?). They also started what has become a regular thing. Kissing my belly. Rubbing my belly.  Looking out for the baby.

A few weeks later we learned it was a girl. I was happy because my daughter is the only girl on both my side, and my husband's side.  I was also happy because the scary 'middle child' position will be held by my only son. So, still special. My daughter was over the moon. My son bursted into tears. After a few moments he came around. And is now excited to be the big brother to a little girl.

In general both kids are excited. My 6 year old is all about babies. My 4 year old gets upset if he can't fit on my lap, or I can't carry him (don't even get me started on the fact that he's 4 and shouldn't need carrying!  Lol). They find random things and hand them to me to give to the baby. They tell people. My son is constantly worried that the baby is being hurt when the dog jumps on me.

For me it has been a unique experience of experiencing this through my kids.  It's so present. If I go to the bathroom one will ask if the baby has to go. If I take a sip of water the other will ask if the baby is thirsty. *I may or may not be guilty of claiming I need to pee first because the baby had to go!*

We have started setting up for the baby. We moved some furniture. Bought some new furniture. The car seat arrived. Trying to organize and get ready.  And now, I have two extra helpers to prepare for the baby. Not much fanfare for baby #3 as the first two, yet as the time nears her arrival we are realizing how much she is already a part of our family.


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