Happy Weekend.

August 07, 2015


I have romanticized every birthday and this photo demystifies what was in my head on how my boy's b-day was to turn out. Cake I ordered was not the cake I ordered thus my homemade banner would not fit correctly as it was too short and the wrong flavor. My kid was wild, actually this was expected and my dress kept riding up when I sat. However, we were surrounded by family who loved the cake...  spoke about it for days afterwards...anything negative was all in my head. Which is why after one (us moms) has spent a day exhausting ourselves we have that aha moment and remind ourselves to enjoy the moment especially the funny and uncomfortable ones as they are what memories are all about.

On another note:

We'll be back in full force in the next week...end of summer posts...BTS...we got this! Erica is set to be on a GMA segment Monday-we like to think of ourselves as experts, however one thing about having a parenting blog is that learning tips especially when we have families and budgets, is always a good thing. On Monday you'll see how Erica learned some helpful tips from a cool Yahoo expert. We'll share a link when we get one!

Photo: Tracy Ladd


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