On the road with the Ford Escape

August 27, 2015

As I mentioned last month we have had a few fun road trips this summer. Through Fords fleet vs. sponsor program we have ventured upstate and our latest is a summer tradition trip where all our family members from the Midwest to New York hop in the cars to meet for some family time. This year we met up in North Carolina.

What is most important to me first as with most parents is the safety of my family. Next, is that we have a lot of room for the insane amount of things we seem to bring on these trips and the Ford Escape was spot on for being the perfect family car both for being in the city (not too bulky which means a parking space!) and driving to a ten hour destination.



What we like about the Escape:

  • Curve control rules! No nagging required if I feel my hubby needs to slow down.... curve control will automatically do the job for us when we hit those swirly roads.
  • My second favorite is the active park assist for parallel parking, which is pretty much the only kind of parking you do in the city. 
  • My husband was especially into the Class-Exclusive Hands-Free, Foot-Activated Liftgate.... since we were in n doubt of the car instantly this was a cool and hassle free feature.
  • My son's ginormous booster seat fit securely in the car, no wriggly seat.
  • I sound like such a new Yorker here...it's about real estate...this car is the perfect size for this city family. Not to small that we are uncomfortable and unable to throw in a grocery visit even with a pack car...with it's generous amount of space, legroom is what this mother wants.  

We plan to test a few more cars from Ford this fall as Erica looks for the perfect family car for her expanding family and we look for a city car that is easy on gas mileage for al our family road trips. 

For more info on this car click here. 


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