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August 16, 2017


Hear that swoosh sound happening? That would be summer just passing us by. I am still in a bit of shock that BTS mode is almost in full gear. The oldest will miss sleeping in. Well need to fret as we have a cheat sheet of what (we hope) helps get you back on track and ready for that glorious first day back. We got this!

3 Tips to getting out the door fast:

1. Check the weather. We may be at  90 degrees currently which means cool clothes for the kids but before you know it fall will be official and a sudden rain or snowstorm can costs you precious time when unprepared.

2. This is easier said then done however putting aside the outfits you and your kids are going to wear the night before can save at the least 20 minutes. Get your bag, metro card -anything that will throw you off if your unable to find in the morning rush together the night before.

3. If you make your child's lunch try cutting up fruit, separating cold cuts and placing into easy to grab organizers on Sunday night. If you tend to skip breakfast because you feel hurried  in the AM (like most of us) try freezing fruits individually for morning smoothies.

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Lastly! No BTS clothes....only bought the warm weather BTS clothes...clothes not fitting? Whatever the reason here are 5 type of items that can be bought now on sale.

1. Peasant tops  and colorful tees from summer will be on sale, these are pieces that can be layered come fall and winter with thermal long sleeves and still look stylish.

2. Jeans and leggings can always be found on sale however during this time you can usually find them at steep discounts.

3. The one thing I always regret is not buying the heavier coats earlier- although outerwear isn't going to be found at 70% off stores like The Children's Place will have this section at 30-50 %.

4. School supplies- if your late to tackling this list you honestly will save a ton of money as store such as Staples and Target are having great supply sales including backpacks. 

5. Electronics. If you need a new computer or tablet besides Black Friday you will find some nice sales targeted for BTS and college kids. 


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