Happy Weekend.

October 02, 2015

The weather always has a way of putting plans at a pause, which is not a bad thing. After a week of being clumsy (from being so tired to be honest) and losing one thing a day...metro card, charm bracelet...I even accidently stabbed myself with a fork. After the sad news of Oregon yesterday (can some politician actually start caring about the gun violence? Like REALLY doing something?! ) I am ready for a night of staying in. A couple of days of nature upstate and just chilling.

What always seems to bring people, at least for me back to what really matters is hearing that a new life has join us. Yes, Erica finally had her baby girl this morning. I'll let her tell her birth story when she is ready but... oh this baby is cute. I am really excited she is here and to have a wee one around again. Congrats to Erica, her family and to Baby Young, we are so happy you're here.

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