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October 16, 2015

It is funny how when you try hard to be in control of things in your it schedule, your job , home life...things seem to well.. fall apart. Of course... I am not talking about life is horrible and all has crumple.

Really it is the sense of having some order, some organization of wanting life to run a bit more smoothly. This past September my family and I entered into an even more intense work and life schedule. My husband and I both had weeks of busy days that ran into late nights and October is running in the same theme. My son, who started a new school yea,r has not been a fan of moving up a grade in school and has been pretty emotional. Tears, sad face, he has been working it at all angles and of course I am a total mess when I drop him off. I hate that he is having a hard time.

My work load has been so intense that I don't know to laugh or cry and then suddenly it hit me. I need to ask for help. More help, not just sparingly as to not feel like a know what I am talking about.

So... I sent a schedule of when I needed help to my brother in law and his partner with dates and times. They got back to me with the dates that work for them. I used a visit with my in laws and got every baby sitting/grandparent time we could get out of them. We found a stand by sitter who doesn't just sit on her phone and text her friends but actually does homework and reads to my boy. Thank goodness for my sister in law and my mom friends who have gotten me out of a bind when overloaded or given me a quick ride to the subway so I can have ten extra minutes to myself when at the office alone. It's still crazy...just the other day I had to run home after I worked longer then usual so my husband could go do work for his job. Oy vey. I had sweat pouring, hair sticking to my head and wondering is this it? Is this motherhood? Yes, for me it is. However I am realizing that my friends and family are all too happy to help. And I may not need this level of help every month but during this very busy time all I have to do is just take a deep breath and know that support is just a call away.


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