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October 21, 2015

have been in and out of committing to a gym for a few years and people …the jig is up; I no longer have any excuses. This realization came upon me when I was walking home a few months back, saw the Crunch opening soon sign in Greenpoint, and I knew it...I truly have no excuses.

Coming from California Crunch was always my gym of choice. Now there is one right smack in the neighborhood, perfect for the Williamsburg and Greenpoint parent. Also, why I am deeming this the no excuses gym is that it is affordable; there is no breaking the bank crazy gym fees and I don’t feel that this gym is skimping. The class’s fell well thought out, great teachers, the gym itself is clean and tidy. A big plus, especially for a busy parent, is there are 30 minute group classes such as a fat burning Pilates class (yes please) because let’s be honest…once I hit 40 minutes, I start thinking of the chicken I need to roast…bath time anything but exercising. Sorry just being honest. This all means having this gym gets which means it’s back to the elliptical trainer my friends.

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Thank you Crunch for sponsoring this post and support MB.

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