7 DIY Halloween Costumes we ♥.

October 19, 2015

We are a bit past the half point and if your kid isn't stuck on being a super hero or princess, meaning you still have some control, here are 7 costumes that are amazing!

From one of our favorite sites this knight costume made with cover lets (you can use an old t-shirt ) then hand drawn with fabric markers. via Mer Mag

Fluffy White cloud Costume, why not? For the cold weather treat-ers you can use a white long sleeve rather then have arms bare. via oh happy day

My son actually knows about Pac Man which is pretty cool. Mom and dad can even be incorporated into this costume. via the effortless chic

This suit is not available to purchase but definitely gets the creative juices flowing if your thinking about an unique DIY for the really wee ones. via oh joy

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