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November 13, 2015

The other day I was chatting with my best friend April, when she was sharing her concern about me. This is the norm ..she has done it for years. I'm too stress, I take on too much yada, yada.  I have mentioned before when I introduced her to my now husband many years ago, my mother asked me how it went..if she liked him, I said yes, my mother sighed with relief and said "Thank God.. I can't handle her not liking another!" Word. As we talked I gave my reasons on why I was doing this /that and as I spoke I realized how honest and raw I am with her. My sister in law and a close knit group of moms friends I have here are very similar. I truly just say how I feel and do not worry about their judgments.

When I became a mom... and as a mom I feel that it can be a bit like high school. Misstep with the wrong mom and all hell breaks loose. Sorry, but this can be true especially when you have any large group of people. I work with women, we all have our moods and recover, however something about the world of moms leaves me feeling a bit vulnerable at times. This is why when you find your people, you're tribe...hold on to them. Be true to who you are and stick with the ones that 'get' you because they are the ones that check in with us. Care. Listen. Hold judgment. Love your crazy kid. Tolerate you when you're having a tough day or year.

These are the keepers.


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